Al Maslakh
al maslakh (the slaughterhouse) is a ufo created to publish the unpublishable in the lebanese artistic scene


Tom Chant is a free improvising soprano and tenor saxophonist, occasionally  branching out onto bass clarinet, piano and computer generated feedback. He has musical relationships going back many years with Eddie Prévost and John Edwards documented on four Matchless Recordings CDs; the London Improvisers Orchestra on four Emanem CDs and many others including Maggie Nicols, Veryan Weston, Steve Noble, Gail Brand, Matt Davis, Ben Drew, Steve Beresford, Rhodri Davies, Angharad Davies, Sharif Sehnauoi, Didier Lasserre, Benjamin Duboc, Pablo Rega and Otomo Yoshihide.

Tom has played at festivals and concerts all over Europe and at various spots in north America and Japan.

Besides his improvised music practices he has worked for many years with many bands, but most happily with the Marseille Figs, the Cinematic Orchestra and more recently Bonobo and Vert.

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