Al Maslakh
al maslakh (the slaughterhouse) is a ufo created to publish the unpublishable in the lebanese artistic scene


From this page, you can buy AL MASLAKH and JOHNNY KAFTA'S KIDS MENU CD's for
USD 17.00 per CD (USD 15.00 + 2.00 for shipping)


Code Title Artists Select Qty.
MSLKH01 Brt Vrt Zrt Krt Mazen Kerbaj out of print
MSLKH02 Rouba3i5 Kerbaj / Sehnaoui / Sehnaoui / Zach out of print
MSLKH03 Live in Beirut Peter Brötzmann / Michael Zerang
MSLKH04 The Adventures of Nabil Fawzi Coleman / Yassin
MSLKH05 Cloister Chant / Sehnaoui
MSLKH06 Cedarhead Zerang / Haber / Hindi / Kerbaj / Sehnaoui / Sehnaoui / Saadé / Yassin
  out of print
MSLKH07 Mawja - Studio One Bullock / Kerbaj / Rawlings
MSLKH08 Shortwave Sehnaoui / Waiswisz
MSLKH09 Much Remains to be Heard Stéphane Rives
MSLKH10 A Church is Only Sacred to Believers Christian/Milton/Prevost/Saadé
MSLKH11 Old and New Acoustics Sharif Sehnaoui
MSLKH12 Bricolage MUTA (Rombola/Davies/Zach)
MSLKH13 Stockholm Syndrome SPILL (Mayas/Buck)
MSLKH14 Music to Our Ears "A" Trio (Kerbaj/Sehnaoui/Yassin)
MSLKH15 Gestalt Et Death Dead Country Feat. Alfred 23 Harth
MSLKH16 It Ended Up Being a Great Day, Mr. Allende Charbel Haber
MSLKH17 Trace Mike Cooper & Chris Abrahams


Code Title Artists Select Qty.
KFT01 Scrambled Eggs and Friends Scrambled Eggs and Various Guest Musicians
KFT02 Beach Party at Mirna el Chalouhi Scrambled Eggs and "A" Trio
KFT03 Radio Paradise: Mike Cooper in Beirut Mike Cooper

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